Discover How To Solve 101+ Child Behavior Problems Using This 1 Simple Method!

Are You Feeling Challenged By Your Child's Behavior?

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  • Power struggles?
  • Whining or attitude?
  • Lack of follow through?
  • Bed time & morning routines?
  • Homework not getting done?
  • Skipping school?
  • Sibling conflicts?
  • Chores not getting done?
  • Something else?

If you are tired of dealing with bad behavior and need it to stop, you're going to love this simple highly effective method for getting to the root of the problem fast!

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Meet The Blissful Parenting Team ...

Chuck Anderson - Founder & Head Coach

Inspired by the desire to raise his children in the most positive way possible, Chuck has made it his mission to support struggling parents to become blissful parents.

Valerie Ostara - Behavior & Anxiety Coach

With 20+ years as  a teacher, child & youth care counsellor, life management skills coach, and clinical hypnotherapist, Valerie's vision is to enhance the well-being of families.

Anna Murphy - Inner Game Mastery Coach

Retired from 40+ years as a psychotherapist, Anna now works with frustrated parents who are really struggling with their own behavior, feelings, and self-care.

Michelle Abraham - Podcast Host

Juggling the duties of raising 2 young children as well as running a successful business, Michelle knows first-hand what it is like to deal with behavior while trying to stay blissful.

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